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Northern WI Makeup Artist

Welcome back to our Vendor Highlight series

This is where we shine a spotlight on the talented wedding professionals that make your big day unforgettable. Today, we’re featuring The Magician Beautician, a Northern WI wedding hair & makeup artist in Rhinelander, WI. Magician Beautician is owned and led by the creative Callie Pisut-Dibbles. The Magician Beautician offers exceptional on-site hair styling and makeup artistry, ensuring every bride looks flawless on her wedding day in the comfort of their wedding day location. Callie and her team are dedicated to bringing bridal visions to life. They provide a personalized and stress-free experience right at your venue. Let’s dive in and meet Callie and learn how The Magician Beautician adds a touch of magic to every wedding.

As always, we ask vendors to answer a series of questions, so let’s chat with Callie!

Your History

Hi Callie! What inspired you to start your wedding stylist business, and how does your passion shine through in your work?

“My entire life I have been fascinated with the beauty industry and I couldn’t see myself doing anything but this. When I first started beauty school I had an interest in everything. I was very optimistic and just tried to see what I was most drawn to. 3 years after I graduated I opened my own salon, where I began to gravitate more toward weddings. There is no bigger honor than having our work captured in photos on our client’s biggest day of their life. It’s thrilling knowing we are able to provide a service to make them feel so beautiful.” 

About You

What sets your service apart from others in the industry and what unique elements do you bring to weddings?

“I feel what sets us apart is we have strived to get deeper into the wedding industry. There are others who offer hair and makeup however I feel that continuing education and our involvement with wedding sites and other local entrepreneur collaboration helps guide those looking for those services to us! Also, we travel to the venue or wherever everyone would like to get ready. We also give a complimentary mimosa basket as a way to say thank you!”

How do you collaborate with other wedding vendors, such as photographers, to ensure a seamless and beautiful wedding day for couples?

“I would say we have a great relationship with many other wedding vendors including other makeup artists/hairstylist/ photographers etc. I feel that when we speak with our brides we get to know pretty much how the entire day is going to flow. This way we can make sure we, along with others know what the plan is. Sometimes we have people show up and ask questions that not everyone has the answer to. We can help because we usually know what is happening and can help create a smooth day for everyone. (TIP: Create a good timeline for the day.) We work really hard to follow the plan and we bring in additional stylists at times to ensure that everything happens on time.”

Working with clients

As a Northern WI makeup artist and hair stylist, how do you tailor your services to suit the unique preferences and personalities of each couple, ensuring their wedding day reflects their individuality?

“Over the years, with our experience, we have seen an array of wedding styles. Some weddings are simple and elegant and some are dark and enchanting. We have the knowledge and experience to give our clients a style that best suits their own personality.  We highly recommend doing a trial before the wedding so that we can go over personal preferences and get a good idea of what our client is looking for.”

Your Tips

Can you share any tips or suggestions for couples who may be working within a specific budget but still want to achieve a beautiful and memorable wedding aesthetic with your services?

“In our pricing we offer a la carte services. This means you can pick what you want to have done and the price varies depending on style. There are different things you can add on but you are not required to. Hair styling and makeup artistry is a very crucial part of the wedding day. It enhances the photos while also making our clients look beautiful and feel great about themselves.  We have a menu of services that we offer so that we can help everyone stay in their budget.”

Callie is a Northern WI makeup artist and hair stylist that we really enjoy working with. She and her team do an amazing job and always to everything they can to make a wedding day perfect. Thanks for being a part of this vendor hightlight Callie!

You can reach out to Callie through her website at

and Facebook:

Northern WI Makeup Artist

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