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The Pines Event Center Venue | Northern WI Wedding Venue | Vendor Highlight

Located amidst the natural beauty of its surroundings, The Pines Event Center Venue in Rhinelander, Wisconsin offers a unique venue for a wide range of events, from weddings to corporate gatherings. Combining rustic aesthetics with modern amenities, this center provides an adaptable space that meets the needs of any occasion. The Pines is not just about its scenic location; it’s about creating an environment where every event can be tailored to suit the specific visions of its hosts. This venue stands out for its commitment to delivering a seamless experience, supported by newly renovated facilities and a dedicated team focused on making every occasion memorable. Join us as we explore what makes The Pines Event Center the perfect choice for those seeking a distinctive setting that marries classic charm with natural beauty.

I had the honor of chatting with Julie, Owner and Operator of The Pines Event Center. As always I love to have our guests answer a series of questions to learn more about their service, so let’s chat with Julie!

The Pines Event Center

Hi Julie! What inspired you to start your business, and how does your passion shine through in your work?

“I am a Rhinelander native but lived out of state for 31 years. As I was planning to move back home, It seemed as though there was a need for a venue here. A venue that could accommodate a variety of events and large number of people. The Pines has allowed me to meet & even reconnect with so many wonderful people. I excel at planning and details, so running a venue has been an excellent way to lean into my strengths. It is very rewarding to see an event come together seamlessly and to watch our customers have a great experience.”

What sets The Pines Event Center venue apart from others in the industry? What unique elements do you bring to weddings?

One of the best features of The Pines is our location. We are situated on 11 acres filled with beautiful pine and birch trees. We are also less than 5 minutes from Rhinelander. So our guests feel as though they are out in the woods, away from it all, yet close to town. Our location is also convenient for guests, with several hotels located two miles away. Another great feature, we are a year-round venue. Couples can plan a winter-themed wedding, a warm summer event, or take advantage of the stunning colors of Autumn. Regardless of the season, our venue is climate controlled. There is no need to worry about getting rained out or dealing with a cold reception tent. We can keep you comfortable, regardless of the weather.”

The Pines Event Center

How do you collaborate with other wedding vendors, such as photographers, to ensure a seamless and beautiful wedding day for couples?

“Working with other vendors to make a stress-free day is something we take pride in doing. We always make a point of welcoming vendors, introducing ourselves, and offering any help. We are all working together on behalf of the couple, so it is important to help each other out as much as possible. Our staff consider other vendors as customers of The Pines so it is important to us that they have a great experience with us. When we help make a vendor’s job at The Pines stress free, they can concentrate on providing the best service possible for the couple.”

What advice or tips do you have for couples when choosing a venue for their wedding day, and how can they best incorporate your services into their vision?

“The most important piece of advice is to start looking at venues early. Also, book right away once you’ve made a decision. Dates fill up quickly and you may find that the date you were planning on is not available. It is also advisable to have more than one potential date in mind when you begin your search for a venue. That way you are less likely to be disappointed when you find the venue of your dreams. Lastly, remember to not only look at the physical space of a venue, but also consider the people you will be working with. A beautiful venue is not worth the challenges you may have when working with a difficult venue owner or manager.”

How do you tailor your services to suit the unique preferences and personalities of each couple, ensuring their wedding day reflects their individuality?

“We have so many ways to make each wedding unique at The Pines. Ceremony spaces to room arrangement and special bar requests, we take pride in tailoring each wedding. Our spaces are flexible and our décor is simple and elegant. This allows each couple to create a look that reflects their style.”

Can you share any suggestions for couples who may be working within a budget but want to achieve a memorable wedding aesthetic with your venue? Any misconceptions couples may have about wedding venues?

“Couples who are working within a specific budget can still achieve a beautiful wedding here. Rental costs are lower for weddings held on a Friday or Sunday. Costs are also lower with 75 or fewer guests. Save more by working with us to create a budget-friendly beverage package. We are always happy to discuss unique options with couples. Regarding misconceptions, it is easy for people to look at a venue and only see the physical space. As a result, people think that all they are paying for is the space for their ceremony and/or reception. It’s important for couples to remember that there is quite a bit of upkeep required to keep a venue fresh. In addition there are behind the scenes costs of payroll, utilities, supplies, repairs, cleaning and outdoor maintenance.”

Thanks to Julie for taking part in this Northern Wisconsin Wedding Vendor Highlights Series.

The Pines Event Center venue is a trusted and inclusive venue in the Northwoods. The Pines is a venue we have worked at many time as wedding photographers. Julie will do everything she can to make your day the best!

The Pines Event Center Wedding Venue