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Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue | Vendor Highlight

Welcome to our latest Vendor Highlight featuring Rondele Ranch, in Harshaw Wisconsin, a top-rated wedding venue here in the Northwoods. Renowned for its comprehensive event services and natural surroundings, Rondele Ranch wedding venue stands out for its wedding ceremonies and receptions. In this blog post, we sit down with Vonda Backhaus, the Sales & Marketing Director at Rondele Ranch. We’re here to discuss the amenities and services that make their venue a favorite among couples planning their special day. Let’s chat with Vonda!

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

As with all Vendor Hightlight posts, I like to ask a series of questions… so let’s get started.

What inspired you to start your work in the wedding industry? How does your passion shine through in your work?  

“I attended a public event and said I would like to work here part-time. So I helped with the annual Christmas Wonderland at Rondele Ranch.  Coming in from a sales manager position, I realized that Rondele Ranch sells itself for weddings & events. When the opportunity arose I spoke with Mr. Chadwell (the property owner). I confidently said that I can book Rondele Ranch every weekend based on the sheer beauty and uniqueness of the property.  Working here is an honor and it shows every time I meet with couples. I am excited for their journey and will do whatever it takes to make their day extraordinary! And I still cry at every wedding!”

What sets Rondele Ranch apart from other venues in the industry?What unique elements do you bring to weddings?

Rondele Ranch is a journey for every wedding couple. Their day is not a 10 hour event, it is a weekend of joy that is shared with their guests and family.  We have 11 luxury properties to show off the Northwoods experience and it’s truly a magical destination.  Where else can you experience the northern lifestyle such as campfires under the night sky, wonderful lakes and homes nestled deep into the woods.  We are unique because we offer all that!

Could you share a memorable experience or success story from working with couples on their wedding day?

“We have had several couples who came back to visit the Ranch on their first year anniversary.  Another couple who had their bridal shower, wedding, gift opening, first year anniversary celebration and then their first child’s baby shower and first birthday here at the Ranch.  That speaks volumes on how we have and are a part of their journey moving forward.”

How do you collaborate with other wedding vendors to ensure a seamless and beautiful wedding day for couples?

“We try to make every vendor feel welcomed.  Knowing what vendors have not been here before, we always communicate with them beforehand to make sure they know where to be. We try to give all vendors the assistance they need to make sure their part of the wedding is just as successful.”

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

What advice do you have for couples when choosing a venue for their wedding day? How can they best incorporate your venue & services into their vision?

“When working with the couples we always encourage them to use the vendors on our preferred list.  I like to use local vendors as well. We have worked with those vendors on our preferred list and we know and trust the service such as your studio (Brown Street Studios) will give.  We get a bit nervous when they use outside vendors, however we do contact those vendors to get a bit more information so the day is flawless.”

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

What trends are you currently seeing for weddings, and how do you stay innovative while still honoring timeless traditions?

“Wedding decor has become much more simple and we love that!  We are such a beautiful setting that we say let Rondele Ranch showcase for you with all its natural beauty.  We encourage them not to pollute what we have with excessive decor brought in.  Photography is so beautiful now with natural shots, we love it!”

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

How do you tailor your services to suit the unique preferences and personalities of each couple, ensuring their wedding day reflects their individuality?

“We work with the couple with any style they have and the florist, tent decorator or private wedding planner.  It is their day to shine and we want to make it memorable with any style they choose.  We may tweak it a bit with our knowledge of what looks good and what doesn’t.  However we honor whatever they feel their day should feel like.”

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

Can you share any tips or suggestions for couples who may be working within a specific budget but still want to achieve a beautiful and memorable wedding aesthetic at Rondele Ranch?

“We offer suggestions on where to get decor inexpensive and when the event is over where to possibly resell their items.  We also stress candles can go a long way and less is more!”

In your opinion, what are some common misconceptions couples have about wedding venues, and how do you address these misconceptions in your work?

“The only misconception is placement of products (floral, decor) the couple really have no idea who does all this.  We assure them that all of our preferred vendors know what to expect and do when at Rondele Ranch and that is why we provide them with every vendor recommendation they will need to have a wonderful event at Rondele Ranch.”

Rondele Ranch Wedding Venue

Thanks to Vonda for answering my vendor questions! Reach out to Rondele Ranch HERE

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